Nobody should have to choose, period.

In 2018, Ashley Bierne had the goal of creating 300 period supply kits for her birthday month. Ashley was horrified at hearing stories of women needing to prioritize food over basic hygienic necessities. So with a vision in mind and a desire to help her community, she recruited friends to help and Period Kits was informally born. 

Fast forward to February of 2019, Period Kits was formally founded as a nonprofit business in Colorado. Over the last two years, our dedicated team of volunteer Board of Directors and leadership from our Executive Director, we've grown our distribution sites, number community members served and become advocates for ending the stigma. 

We're excited to see where our story continues to go and hope that you'll join our shared vision of providing all folx with health & dignity.

Geoff Davis

Geoff Davis founded Period Kits in February of 2019. While having coffee with a friend, the topic of period poverty came up, the friend remarked "I've been there, I've had food and tampons in my hands and had to put the food back." Geoff thought to himself that no one should have to make that choice and decided to do something about it. 

"Period poverty is a complex issue, but Period Kits is simple. Any person that has a period should have consistent and dependable access to the products they need, period.

Geoff is the Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager for Bayaud Enterprises. In his spare time he enjoys hanging with his seven adult (?) children, attending Front Range Community College, and cheering on his beloved Manchester United.


Caitlinn Sullivan

Caitlinn has been involved with Period Kits since January of 2020. She's currently serving on the Board of Directors as the Events Coordinator. She became involved after learning about the mission to end period poverty.

She holds a degree in Women's Studies from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. She works as a legal service search consultant in the Denver Metro area. She's a fan a Mumford and Sons, a good IPA, and her beautiful dogs. 


Kara Grano has been involved with Period Kits since October of 2019. She's currently serving as the Board Chair. She became involved when she discovered that about 1 in 4 girls miss school in the U.S every month due to lack of accessibility to period products.


"No teen should lose their access to education and  their future potential because of a period."

Kara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Classics with a focus on Women/Gender Studies from Duquesne University and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the University of Pittsburgh. She works in business development for First Citizens Bank in Boulder. She loves the outdoors, travel, animals, live music, and Pittsburgh sports.

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Kara Grano

Lauren-37 (5).jpg

Lauren Conley began volunteering with Period Kits in the spring of 2020 as a Volunteer Coordinator. She got involved as a way to engage both her mind and heart after leaving careers in education and event coordination. Lauren believes in the power of philanthropy and the crucial services and resources that nonprofits provide to their communities. We all have something to give, and one ripple can make a large wave. 

Lauren has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English as a Second Language and Ethnic Studies. She currently does contract work for mission-driven businesses and nonprofits. She enjoys hiking with her family, anything in or around the water (a true midwesterner), and exploring the Denver culinary scene. 

Lauren Conley

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