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Our Story

Nobody should have to choose. Period.

In 2018, Ashley Bierne had a goal - creating 300 period supply kits for her birthday. Ashley was horrified at hearing of women prioritizing food over basic hygienic necessities. So, with a vision in mind and a desire to help her community, she recruited friends to help and Period Kits was (informally) born. 


Fast forward to February of 2019, Period Kits was formally established as a nonprofit organization in Colorado. Over the last two years, we've grown our distribution sites and increased the number of individuals we serve. Thanks to our dedicated donors, team of volunteer Board of Directors and our Executive Director we become advocates for ending the stigma surrounding periods.

We're excited to see where our story continues to go.


Join our shared vision of health and dignity. Period.

Our Story

What  We  Do


Our Mission

It's about health and dignity. Period.

As an organization, Period Kits believes everyone who has a period should have consistent and reliable access to the products they need, when they need them. It's that simple.  We provide "kits" that contain menstrual hygiene products to those who struggle to make ends meet in Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio through our network of supportive community agencies.  

You can find our network of Colorado agencies here. 

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Faces Behind The Story

Our Team

// Emie Clevenger (She/Her)


Executive Director


Emie joined Period Kits after volunteering at a kit building event and realized how real of an issue Period Poverty is. She holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from The University of Redlands and a Master's in Leadership from Point Loma Nazarene University. She is the Development Director for Occoneechee Council: Boy Scouts of America, and is a Navy Veteran. She loves the outdoors, travel, hiking, her rescue cat Molly, and North Carolina sports. She is passionate about community driven nonprofits and volunteering. 

// Geoff Davis (He/Him)



Geoff Davis founded Period Kits in February of 2019. While having coffee with a friend, the topic of period poverty came up, the friend remarked "I've been there, I've had food and tampons in my hands and had to put the food back." Geoff thought to himself that no one should have to make that choice and decided to do something about it. 

"Period poverty is a complex issue, but Period Kits is simple. Any person that has a period should have consistent and dependable access to the products they need, period."

Geoff is a Case Manager for Homefull in Dayton, Ohio. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging with his seven adult children, attending Front Range Community College, and cheering on his beloved Manchester United.

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// Kara Grano (She/Her)


President of the Board of Directors


Kara Grano has been involved with Period Kits since October of 2019. She became involved when she met Geoff and discovered that about 1 in 4 students miss school every month due to lack of accessibility to period products. She believes that no young person should fall behind on their education because of their period and that overall, no one should have to go without necessary health products due to their financial status. 


Kara holds a bachelor’s degree in Classical Civilization with a focus on Women/Gender Studies from Duquesne University, and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the University of Pittsburgh. She works with small businesses for Huntington National Bank in Denver. She loves the outdoors, animals, live music, Pittsburgh sports, and her German Shepherd mix, Chase.

// Andrea Cervantes (She/Her)

Secretary of the Board of Directors


I'm Andrea Cervantes, I am a Denver native. I studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics at MSU Denver and currently work as Nutrition Coordinator for Metro Caring. I am passionate about working together with my community in generating equity. In my free time, I enjoy staying active, salsa dancing, and delicious food, and her adorable pup, Lola. 


//  Megan Ayres (She/Her)

Member of the Board of Directors


Megan Ayres has been involved with Period Kits since joining a kit building event in 2020. After one kit building event, she knew that Period Kits had a mission that she wanted to support. The excitement from all of the volunteers and the passion amongst the board has made being a member of Period Kits a rewarding experience. 


Megan holds a degree in International Development from Michigan State University. Megan’s interest in supporting period poverty and menstrual hygiene began during an internship in Kenya supporting menstrual health management and ending Female Genital Mutilation. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and camping with her dog, Peggy. 


4,125 Period Kits & Counting

Thanks to our volunteers, leaders, and community partners, our impact continues to spread throughout Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio. We're focused on fighting period poverty by increasing the number of kits built and communities served. 

Our Impact

// Our Impact

Take a second and look at some of the wonderful companies we have had the opportunity to work with!


Words Of Positivity

"It is with the support of Period Kits that we are also able to provide feminine hygiene products to our families. We see on average 40 families a day in our Resource Center and Period Kits has been able to give us a monthly donation of feminine products to help us ensure that our clients’ needs are met."

- A Precious Child

"PK provides to keep proper health and hygiene on a regular basis surrounding period needs.  Many of these women would have to either miss school or work because of the cost of these items. Period Kits ensures this doesn’t happen by providing feminine hygiene products free of cost to these struggling families."

- Joyful Journeys Community Enrichment 

"Period Kits has been delivering kits and products to the OUR Center at least once per quarter. We are very grateful for this partnership and the participants we serve have expressed gratitude that we have these items available to them."

"We are proud to continue a strong and positive relationship with Period Kits as we work to build a more just and humane society"

- Growing Home

- OUR Center

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