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May 25th - May 30th

Period Kits Quarantine Challenge

Helping your community could win you a fresh hair do, in partnership with Revolver Salon!


As you may know, Period Kits creates kits that contain a 90 day supply of period products for those experiencing homelessness, unstable housing, or extreme poverty. 

We build these kits in the community with the support of our local community. Due to Covid-19 we have been unable to join together for any kit building events or for any fundraising events to sustain our programs. Don't worry, we aren’t going to let that stop us! We have found a way to still have our community involved!

Two ways you can help!

(Safely) Build your own kit complete with: 

40 tampons*

20 Pads

20 Liners

Pack of Personal Wipes

6 pairs of underwear**

Host a Fundraising Page

All you have to do is post your own fundraising page and share with your network, receive minimum of $25 (avg cost of kit) 




After you build the kit, post on social media using the hashtag #PeriodKitsChallenge and tag Period Kits and 3 other friends to build kits of their own.  On 6/5 we will announce a winner!

More Details:

Step 1: Build Kit/host fundraiser

Step 2: Post a selfie of you with your kit and your quarantine hair/or post the selfie with link to your fundraising page using hashtags: #endperiodpoverty #periodkitschallenge #periodkits #revolversalon #quarantinehairdontcare

Step 3: Tag 3 friends in your photo and invite them to the challenge

We will pick a winner on 5/30 to celebrate our efforts to end period poverty and they will receive a $250 gift certificate to Revolver!

How will I get the completed kit to Period Kits?

Check out to find a list of our local business partners where you can safely drop off the completed kits and we will retrieve them***

Check out our Amazon Wishlist for ideas!

*We only ask that the tampons have applicators 

**Be sure that underwear is “practical” and the kind one would wear on their period. 

Please follow CDC guidelines while building the kit, wash your hands, wear gloves and a mask while building.

*** If these locations don't work, please contact and we will arrange pick up

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