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Monthly donors are the backbone of every non-profit. By giving to Period Kits monthly, you are contributing to our growth and ability to sustain our mission in an invaluable way. The consistency that comes with monthly donations will give us the foundation that is needed to serve our current agencies and also help us to serve our waitlist.


// Monthly Memberships

The giving levels have been set the way they are because the average menstruating individual gets their first period around 12 years old and roughly every 28 days. They experience this every month until they are around 44 years of age and endure roughly 60 days of a period every year. Please consider joining our community of period poverty fighters by becoming a monthly supporter.


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Reusable Water Bottle

Suggested donation: $60

because people with periods have an average of 60 days of periods throughout the course of a year.

*With a monthly donation of $46 or more, we will send you a reusable Period Kits water bottle. 

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Suggested donation: $44

because the average person stops menstruating around 44 years of age.

*With a donation of $30-$45, we will send you a Period Kits wine tumbler.

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Canvas Bag

Suggested donation: $28

Because the average person gets their period every 28 days. 

* With a donation of $16-$29, we will send you a Period Kits Canvas pencil/cosmetics bag.